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The Commission is dedicated to enriching the quality of life in Monroe by protecting the community's outdoor assets and water resources.

Commission Members

Karen Burnaska

Vice Chairman
Marven Moss

Ellie Krevolin

Ryan Driscoll

Cynthia Giancaspro
Jeff Fulchino
Barbara Thomas

Ranger Dave Solek


The Monroe Land Trust and Tree Conservancy

Monroe Land Trust and Tree Conservancy is a not for profit 501 C-3 corporation committed to enriching the quality of life in Monroe by enhancing the community's pristine open space and tree canopy and developing more resources for recreation.
Meets the fourth tuesday at 7:30 in Town Hall Room 204 . The public is invited to attend. Additional information is available by visiting their web site at Monroe Land Trust and Tree Conservancy. or click on the tree above.

Across America, thousands of people are determined to conserve the places they value. Landowners have a deep connection to their land and know the gifts undeveloped properties provide their communities: clean air and water, fresh food, wildlife habitat, and sheer scenic beauty. All-too-often these special places disappear forever because of development.

Every day, over 5,000 acres of land are developed in the U.S.

Many landowners are taking a stand to safeguard the places they love— productive farms, ranchland, forests, wetlands, coastlines— for their family and for future generations.

We are, organized as charitable organization under federal tax laws, and are directly involved in conserving land for its natural, recreational, scenic, historical and productive values. We can purchase land for permanent protection, or we may use one of several other methods: accept donations of land or the funds to purchase land, accept a bequest, or accept the donation of a conservation easement, which permanently limits the type and scope of development that can take place on the land. In some instances, land trusts also purchase conservation easements.

If you're a landowner looking to preserve your property, learn more today.

If you would like yo get involved in revitalizing the land trust we would like to hear from you.